In this webinar, Jueun Hwang explored the the differences between SAP Big Data platforms and cloud platforms (including AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP) to deliver Big Data analytics.

She discussed the pros and cons of each platform, factors to consider before making architectural decisions, and best practices in implementation.

She also discussed the integration of Big Data and cloud platforms with SAP tools to deliver timely, flexible, self-service analytics.

Watch this webinar replay and learn:

  • Overview of on-premise and cloud Big Data platforms
  • Capabilities of SAP VORA as part of a Big Data solutions
  • Integration of Big Data platforms with SAP analytics:
  • Leveraging Big Data platforms for business use cases
  • Best practices in implementing Big Data analytics

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About the presenter:

Jueun Hwang is a very resourceful Data Scientist. She is highly proficient both in the use of data mining/analytic tools (Jupyter Notebook, Apache Zeppelin, and R Studio), and on the Dev/Ops side (setting up AWS/Azure, configuring connections, tuning, Big Data lake scenarios, and more). A frequent contributor to Visual BI's blog, she holds Masters of Science in both Petroleum Engineering and Data Science/Analytics from the University of Oklahoma.