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SAP Lumira Discovery vs. SAP Analytics Cloud vs. Power BI vs. Tableau: Which Self-Service BI Tool is the best? 

In this on-demand webinar, Visual BI Founder/CEO Gopal Krishnamurthy and BI Consultant Varun Anand evaluate the prominent Self-Service BI tools on the market from SAP, Microsoft and Tableau to achieve self-service analytics. Watch the replay to get clarity on this complex topic:

  • Deep Dive: Tableau vs Power BI vs SAP Analytics Cloud vs SAP Lumira, technical & functional feature support, and real-world examples that showcase industry best practices.
  • Empowering the Data Analyst - See how analytics has evolved from spreadsheets and complex coding to a more efficient way to prepare and analyze data.
  • Applying Self-Service Analytics - Get an overview of how SAP Lumira 2.0, Analytics Cloud, Power BI and Tableau works. Discover how business users can deliver deeper insights in hours, not weeks.
  • Business Use Cases - See how these tools perform as an enterprise level solution.

This webinar recording includes:

  • Capabilities of SAP Business Objects Offerings around SAP Lumira 2.0 and SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Capabilities of Microsoft Power BI as a Self Service BI Tool in an enterprise landscape
  • Comparative study of Tableau features
  • Strategic Comparison of Self Service BI Capabilities: SAP BW or SAP HANA Integration, SSO and Security  
  • Analysis of pricing and licensing models for each tool
  • Live Q&A session 

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About the presenters:

webinar_presenter_gopal_krishnamurthyGopal Krishnamurthy is the founder and CEO of Visual BI Solutions. He is focused on growing Visual BI into one of the largest niche BI solutions firms, and is passionate about driving BI Adoption at all levels in enterprises. He is a BI thought leader and evangelist, driving BI strategies that maximize ROI of SAP BI/HANA/BusinessObjects investments and result in higher adoption of BI and Analytics rollouts. He has worked with C-Level Executives at firms of all sizes and has successfully delivered countless executive dashboard programs with solid EDW foundations that provide timely, actionable information and forward-looking alerts.

webinar_presenter_varun_anandVarun Anand is a BI Consultant with Visual BI Solutions. His credentials include being certified in Implementation of SAP Lumira and Analytics Cloud. He is a consultant, blogger, and a subject matter expert in the field of BI and data analytics. His training background includes experience in Management Consulting and countless hours with companies to implement best practices in end-to-end BI and empower business users with self-service solutions.