Visual Design Essentials for Creating Professional Reports & Dashboards - Visual BI Solutions

In this webinar replay, Trang Van Nguyen demonstrates the 5 basic principles for visual design, and provides simple tips to effectively choose color combination. You will learn about the basics of human visual perception, how to apply it to design process and also go through a designer's thinking process in a quick design hands-on session to experience trouble-shooting visual issue in action.

Watch this replay to learn:

  • The 5 basic principles of Visual Design
  • How to choose color for your design
  • How to identify visual problems and solve them

About the Presenter:

Trang Van Nguyen - BI Analyst, Visual BI Solutions

A BI Consultant with experience in visual design, Trang Nguyen is responsible for creating wireframes and BI dashboards at Visual BI Solutions. She also provides consultation on UI Design and User Experience for clients.