Emerging BI Trends 2016 - Visual BI Solutions

What is changing in the realm of BI? Users are adopting to innovative and scalable technology to collect and process vast data to develop real-time business insights. Organizations are setting a higher standard for higher performance, use of new kinds of data and availability. What can organizations do to ensure that their BI technologies meet the standards of this emerging world? How is it driving the BI culture?

In this session, Chris Holliday, Senior Vice President - Client Management at Visual BI, discusses:
  • BW 7.5: The Reemergence of BW
  • The High Notes of BOBJ 4.2
  • The Whole Truth: BI Cloud vs BI On-Prem
  • Options and First Thoughts on SAP S/4 BI
  • Enterprise BI & Big Data, Are They Really Different?
  • Driving the BI Culture in Your Business
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About the presenter :


Chris Holliday, Senior Vice President, Services, Visual BI Solutions

Chris Holliday is the Vice President of Client Services for Visual BI. He joined Visual BI in February of 2013 directly after being a customer of Visual BI. A hardworking veteran of delivering challenging projects through seemingly impossible situations, Mr. Holliday is both a leader and a visionary bringing a unique perspective to serving client needs across the spectrum of the Business Intelligence landscape.

Mr. Holliday spent the previous 10 years at Kerr McGee and later Tronox – the chemical spin-off from Kerr McGee – in senior IT leadership roles. His responsibilities included leading a globally distributed enterprise through mergers and large scale ERP implementations in addition to strategic planning and delivery.