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If you are encountering one or more of the following scenarios, do get in touch with our network of our BI experts. We would leverage our Innovation Lab to help you get to your answer(s).
  • You are embarking on a new BI initiative, and would like to drive a PoC or a Pilot
  • You have already invested in a recent innovation, but do not have the internal know-how
  • You already have something operational in Production, but you would like to explore a better architecture offline
  • You see people raving about a new innovation in the market, and you would like to check it out for real
  • ... and more
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About Visual BI

Visual BI is a niche services provider focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence & Analytics. Headquartered in Plano, TX, Visual BI has won recognition from customers for driving high-touch engagements led by our team of platinum-level consultants. Our range of offerings extend from BI strategy through implementation, and we specialize in executive BI adoption through KPI dashboards, visualizations and analytics.


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