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Convert your spreadsheets into interactive dashboards

Despite maturing BI platforms and technologies, enterprise users still rely heavily on conventional spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel due to its ease of use and self-service capabilities. However this creates issues such as
  • Multiple versions of truth
  • Intelligence silos
  • Lack of collaboration

However you do have an opportunity to not only address this issue but also move on to something better.
Our experts can help you convert your complex spreadsheets into interactive and highly engaging visualizations, with a tool of your choice. Sign Up for a FREE workshop to learn more. 

About Visual BI

Visual BI is a niche services provider focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence & Analytics. Headquartered in Plano, TX, Visual BI has won recognition from customers for driving high-touch engagements led by our team of platinum-level consultants. Our range of offerings extend from BI strategy through implementation, and we specialize in executive BI adoption through KPI dashboards, visualizations and analytics.


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